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Material: Plaster of Paris, Acrylic pigment
Size: 48 x 45 x 17 cm
Year: 2020

“Joy” is from the Identity Series “I am, therefore I think” which is an ongoing portrait series started in 2019. The series is accompanied by filmed interviews with each subject exploring transformative experiences in their lives.


Joy Stephanie
PHD Candidate
25 y/o

JOY: My name is Joy Stefanie, I am 23 years old, completing my Masters in Human Factors and work in research. I also have a degree in psychoanalysis and use this to explore the interface between humans and machines.

MARR: Tell me about your experience of coming out of your mind…

JOY: When I think of my mind, it is like a triangle for me, with something solid at the bottom and something dynamic emanating from it and passing into my mind. It is not an experience of “I perceive what is happening”, but I am part of what is perceived. I don’t hear, smell or taste something. There is no distinction between what I see and me. It is not “I think”, but the thought as such is me. For a brief moment, there is then no longer the thought… I don’t know if it makes sense…?

MARR: It makes sense to me. You’ve started out saying “I am feeling” and then came a shift in your consciousness” and then you got to the point where there was now just “feeling” instead of “I am feeling”.

JOY: Feeling. Yes.

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48 x 45 x 17 cm


3 color combinations on commission