A streak of fire softly brushing the night sky. The tail fading into silence…

BOOOOOOOOOM!!! A spectacular explosion!

The still black night suddenly lit like the day as swords of blinding light slice the night sky, then vanish in a blink.

As we approach the crater we see a galaxy of shards like fallen stars glittering across the earth’s floor.

Brilliant shades of sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby red and golden yellow shimmer at the outer rim.

Towards the centre of the bright hot core, amongst the vapour are the multi coloured shards that feed off an energy so strong that we feel it pulsing though our very core.

I see it now. We are made of stars.

I am home.

-CORE Nft Colours -

- CORE Traits -



CORE started in January 2022 with Sugar Artist Joseph Marr in Berlin.
Working with Sugar as a medium since 2010 for his figurative sculptures
Joseph had the idea for CORE after hearing of NASA finding a Meteorite with sugar molecules inside.

The Nft story developed with a journal being discovered that has clues to the whereabouts of the impact site where the glowing vibrant coloured jewels could be found.

CORE Nfts are those jewels bestowing their energy on their holders manifesting as real art objects right in front of you.

How to:

The search starts with MINT here and then finding more colours listen on here opensea. The colours of the CORE star fragments will come together in your wallet. If you can collect in the same colour either:

3 CORE Nfts = Bonus Sculpture (Round 2 Skull)
5 CORE Nfts = CORE Canvas
10 CORE Nfts = CORE Sculpture

Once collected you must forge/submit your COREs to the ART REDEEM FORM and the COREs will then be forged, meaning stamped with a forged trait and upgraded for the next Art round. CORE has three main Art Rounds per year with two bonus rounds in-between just for holding your COREs.

CORE Trait Meanings:

COREs : Each Core has a colour, location coordinate, a Meta-Carat weight and a Class. A new Trait has been added in Round 2 honouring the first collectors called the “Pioneer” Trait which adds the names of those to the Nft in round 2.

Spectrum COREs : The Spectrum Cores are multi coloured and act like a joker and have the power of 2 CORE fragments in any colour within your stash of 10.

Exo COREs : The one of one EXO CORES oscillate and are the rarest of all and therefore hold the most power. They are alone counted as 10 COREs.

CORE Round 2 – Sculpture Redeem info

There are several ways to redeem your Nfts to receive a Physical sculpture. Either with:

10 CORE Nfts in the same colour ( 10 red CORE Nfts gets you 1 x Red Sculpture )


1 x EXO CORE Nft ( 1 EXO CORE Nft gets you 1 x physical sculpture in Any Colour )


1 x Spectrum CORE Nft + 8 COREs in the same colour

Value of each CORE:

1 x EXO CORE Nft = 10 CORE Nfts

1 x Spectrum CORE Nft = 2 of any colour CORE Nfts

1 x CORE = 1 x CORE

When you have your desired set of 10 the next step is the FORGE.


CORE1 - Round 1 - Physical Art Drop

Title: “-CORE- Fragment”, Sculpture in coloured resin, 20 x 20 x 15 cm + LED Lightbox from Phase 1 mint 05/2022

CORE1 - Round 1 - Physical Art Drop

CORE2 - Round 2 - Physical Art Drop

CORE1 - Round 2 - Physical signed Canvas

Title: “-CORE- Fragment”, signed Canvas, 50 x 50 cm, from Phase 1 mint 05/2022


Submit your # numbers of your set of CORE Nfts by the due date and receive your code on December 1st to choose your Artwork from here

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