The Video series “Meditations” works with space, time and movement.

The visual effect of layering is in order to stretch the time to reach a feeling of timelessness that one can reach with meditation.

Bird Meditation 2

Football Meditation

Bird Meditation

Harbour Meditation

Kite Meditation

Seagull Meditation

Tempelhof Kite Meditation

Now, Then

“Now, Then” is a body of work that spans from 2008 until the present day.

Within each work the artist chose places or events that are recorded for sometimes a day, or even a whole year. Each specific place or event lends itself to a specific time scale. All videos play randomly. Once again with timelessness being the object.

Now, Then. “Beach”

Now, Then Roses

Now, Then Garden


The “Parallel” works are inspired by worlds within worlds.

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