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I am now becoming even more sweet!

I will soon be able to present one of my coolest, creative and most fun jobs. A sculpture of my body made completely from… SUGAR!

And it’s all thanks to the acclaimed Australian artist Joseph Marr. Joseph lives and works in Berlin and it was there that I headed for a two-day shoot which, for my first time, involved 3D scanning. The sculpture is part of his project called ‘The Candy Girls’.

I underestimated how difficult it is to stand still for more than an hour in high heels. It’s hard! Taking even a breath can show up on the scan. Luckily I didn’t have to hold my breath for the entire hour… so I’m still alive to tell the tale. I have been completely overwhelmed with the results. The Technik is truly mesmerising. It’s a must-see!!

Joseph Marr was inspired to create his Candy Girls through his appreciation for Hinduism and Buddhism. Both faiths talk of desire as a trap. The trapped are those who pursue desire and always want for more. The free are those that stop their pursuit. As Joseph explains,

“Any desire at all, is the reason why our soul is trapped in the karmic lessons of our Ego. Sexual desire is the most accessible concept for people in general to understand ‘desire’. Candy is a wonderful medium to show two things… how we are trapped in the sticky situation and how attractive the tasty desire really is.”

My sculpture will be produced in the Katjes factory in Postdam and will comprise of five different colours – I should say flavours – apple, strawberry, cherry, passion fruit and liquorice. It will then be varnished several times so it doesn’t melt. But also there will be no way to get close to the seductive sweet and sticky mixture anymore 😉

Be excited, I am…