Each Sugar sculpture has a theme. The “Laura” sculpture is about Control. Laura stands strong like a Helmut Newton pose, powerful. She holds a rope around her showing that she is in control of desire, in the mystic literature control of desire is often portrayed as holding the reigns of a wild horse.

Title: Laura

Medium: Sugar preserved in polyurethane

Series: Fanta, Cherry, Cola, Apple, Licorice & Passionfruit

Date: 2011


Size: 26 x 44 x 34 cm (display case)


Size: 26 x 26 x 31 cm (display case)


Size: 45 x 51 x 120 cm (display case)

Works on Paper (75 x 100)

Medium: 3D photograph of Laura Weyel, digitally printed on archival cotton rag paper
Size: 70 x 100 cm

The Making Of…

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