Together @ Berghain

Together is a 9 meter sculpture made from 250 kg’s of cola flavoured sugar. Its a love story of sorts, starting in lust and ending in blissful love. The sculpture “Together” is a progression of togetherness in all its sensual and lustful forms, some violently sexual, others extremely sensual until a moment where the needs of lust are satiated and a new kind of loving togetherness is desired.

I wanted to make a story that was natural, not boring… not just an orgy, but something we all can relate to regardless of our sexual orientation. Therefore after great sex, what do we need or want? a cigarette? or perhaps a connection is made with that person, and we just want to lay close together and enjoy the moment resting in an embrace.

‘Berghain’ permanent installation
Medium: Sugar, Cola Ahoi Brauser flavor, preserved with several layers of polyurethane
Size: Variable
Date: 2013

Image Credit: Ulf Saupe


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